You are welcome to take a walk along Zois’ path in the Alpine Botanical Garden Juliana. It is intended especially for families and older primary and secondary school children. Along the path you will get some information on the establishment of the garden and its gardeners, and will also be acquainted with some special plants. If you click on the speaker icon, the voice of Zoisy the dwarf will accompany you. The dwarf sometimes helps the gardeners, but also causes mischief on them here and there.

If you scan the QR code at Juliana with your mobile phone or tablet computer, a single page of the path opens. You can take a walk along the path also from your home, by clicking the link below.

Listen to the dwarf Zois


Concept: Klemen Završnik, Martina Tekavec
Text: Klemen Završnik
Photo: arhiv družine Bois de Chesne, Tone Wraber, Klemen Završnik
Drawings: Samo Jenčič (škrat Cojzek) in Carl Huck (Zlatorog)
Voice: Teja Malovrh Cigale
Reviewer: Špela Pungaršek
Language Editor: Henrik Ciglič
Sound editing: David Kunc

Slovenian Museum of Natural History, 2021

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