18/05/2024 ob 10:00
Alpine Botanical Garden Juliana

Birdwatching in Juliana and its environs

Guided tour at 10.00

The year 2024 marks the 100th anniversary of the first protected area in Slovenian territory – the Alpine Conservation Park, the forerunner of our Triglav National Park. The latter embraces a large part of the Julian Alps, and you can watch about 120 bird species in it. Bird experts (ornithologists) can often recognize them solely by their vocalization, and some of them can regularly be observed in the Alpine Botanical Garden of Juliana in the Trenta Valley. You are invited to learn about birds with ornithologist Dare Fekonja from the Slovenian Bird Ringing Centre, which functions within the Slovenian Museum of Natural History.

The entrance fee and guided tour on the International Museum Day are free of charge.

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